What to wear to a Blogger/Makeup event?


I know there’s a lot of outfit advice out there for every occasion such as date night, movie night, girls night out etc but very rare advice on what you should be wearing for a blogger or a makeup event.

Most ladies go wrong with wearing high heels and highly professional clothing, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but you can most certainly see how agitated they feel and how uncomfortable they are by the end of the event.

Remember these events can be long, and you have to do a lot of walking around, so always keep in mind to wear comfortableΒ shoes, depending on the temperature, you can carry a thin cardigan with you in case you feel chilly.

I’ve collated a few looks that would be suitable for a blogger/makeup event, remember it’s all about how comfortable you feel!

Things you should be carrying with you for the event

  1. A comfortable handbag/tote bag (To put in all your freebies/samples)
  2. A small note book and pen (To note down any details for your blog)
  3. Tissues (Multi-purpose)
  4. Mint (To freshen your breath)
  5. Small pocket sized perfume (Incase you feel sweaty)
  6. pony tails/bob pins (Incase you need to tie your hair for makeup application )

Points to remember:

  1. Its an event, they spend alot on catering so dont be shy to eat those snacks or have those drinks, or else they’d be a waste. Its important to refresh yourself and not have a growling tummy at the event!
  2. I repeat, please wear comfortable footwear and clothing, there will be so much of walking around, trying different things and waiting.
  3. Make sure you carry a light cardigan with you incase you feel chilly
  4. Dont over cake yourself with makeup, if its a makeup event your attending, for a makeover they will ask you to remove your makeup. I’d say go for a light eyeliner and lipgloss and a BB cream instead (better not to wear a mascara, leaves you with a panda eye while removing your makeup).
  5. Lastly if your a blogger make sure you jot down notes about the uses of the products or take pictures from your mobile to refer to later.



For awesome outfits, check out Lulu’s for the trendiest apparels!


Hope you find this post useful for your future events!

Thank you for reading!


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