The Miranda Sings Award 🏆


I would like to thank the gorgeous Rutaa for nominating me for this award! It such an honour to be a part of something positively beautiful.

This award is such a kind gesture to nominate someone and get to know them better in a positive way and spreading positivity about beauty to everyone.

What makes this award unique is it focuses on us looking at ourselves in a positive manner. Thinking to tell 7 things we like about ourselves can be difficult especially when you have been very critical of yourself. I think this is just an amazing way to realise how beautiful all of us are inside.

The Seven Things I LOVE About Myself:

1. I love my eyes, I’ve been told I have pretty big expressive eyes 🙂

2. I love the colour of my skin, In this current world,the media makes you question about your race and colour, I realise that I’m blessed to have my skin colour and proud of it!

3. I love my hair, the jet black Asian hair makes people wonder if I’ve dyed it, I don’t like colouring my hair, Thankfully I haven’t greyed yet so I’d say my hair is virgin! lol

4. I love my bubbly smile, I’ve been told I have a pretty smile and people find me very friendly.

5. I love my sense of humour, I could make anyone crack out laughing. (now that’s talent!)

6. I love the fact that I was born and bred in Dubai, a cosmopolitan country where I got the chance to have friends of diverse cultures and nationalities, this makes it easier for me to make friends from all backgrounds.

7. I love my sensitive kind nature, people may think been sensitive is a weakness, But I think that this shows I’m humble and I care, we need people who care in this world, or this world would be a difficult place to live in.

I nominate the following bloggers:

  1. The Pink Apple
  2. Alison Hart
  3. Jamie Marie
  4. Joyce
  5. PettigrewReview
  6. Watchyourbeauty
  7. Dolphinsbeauty
  8. Beautifulbedlamblog
  9. Boobytraps
  10. Styledfox


Once again thank you, Ruta, for this award and been such a positive influence to the blogging world, your blogs are as beautiful as you!


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