Rain in Dubai – We love it! 🌂☔❤

rain 2

So I wake up this morning and was wondering why was it so dark? I walk towards the window and look up and think “hmm the clouds seem quite unusual today… Wonder if it’s going to rain?”  You see rain is very rare here in Dubai, been born and bred in Dubai the mere sight of a raindrop brings a jolt of excitement and joy in my heart!  (Let’s say I just go crazy 🙂 ).

I always felt Dubaites (people from Dubai) always appreciated rain much more than people from others counterparts of the world, where it rains often for them and the sight of rain just makes them feel depressed and low.

In Dubai when a single drop of rain hits the ground, you see people running to a Karak chai shop just to have tea and shawarma. People are so happy here you will see kids jumping and playing in the little puddles of water, couples holding hands and walking or going for drive-thrus listening to romantic songs and enjoying and feeling every moment.

Or you have bookworms cozying up to their blankets, listening to music with a cuppa and a nice book, there’s nothing more they would want than to enjoy that moment!

Or friends gathering together and eating monsoon Arab/Asian snacks and laughing with joy, nothing beats that moment for them.

That’s how we people roll here in Dubai on a rainy day, we love rain and we would do anything to cherish that rainy moment!


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